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Our Transition to Agile Testing, Step 1

Posted by Cath Bartlett

A year and a half ago we went agile here at careesma.  Sort of.  We changed our processes as much as we could at the time and since then we have continued making incremental changes.  This went hand in hand with en effort to change the architecture of the code and clean it up.  (By the way, we used this book by Mike Cohn almost exclusively to guide us in our process changes.)  The entire company began using redmine to track everything (which will be explained in more detail in another post).  Now our technology has almost made it to the current decade as we transition to Zend framework, and even though the architecture of our code will never really be designed to accommodate test-driven development, we only lack one more process change to really consider ourselves agile.  That change is to integrate QA into the development process.

But how?  After reading a lot of information on the topic, it seems that there is little concrete information on the subject because the actual process....well, it depends on your situation.  So the authors of books and articles have to remain abstract.  But I was looking for a concrete example of a transition from traditional testing to agile testing and concrete examples of particular practices.  I wanted an example of a team that had been using a process where developers "threw code over the wall" to QA and had made the change to agile development that included testers.